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Shared Savings Plan

Shared Savings Plan

Technology and telecom services are the biggest operating expense for most businesses. Don’t spend thousands more than you should on essential equipment and services.

Did you know most businesses are paying 22%-26% more than they should be for their technology and telecommunications?¹ Or that 35% of telecom invoices have some sort of error?² If you’re not engaging in some sort of technology expense management plan, you are throwing money away.

That’s why we created a technology expense management (TEM) shared savings plan.


1.We audit your bill with no up-front charge.

With 25 years in the telecom and I.T. business, we leverage our expertise to scrutinize your bill. We look for errors, services you’re overpaying for, and providers who offer the same services for less.

2. If we find you savings, with your approval we’ll work directly with your provider to implement changes, correct errors, recover funds, and lower your costs.

We have long-standing relationships with telecom and I.T. service providers so we know exactly who to call and how to work effectively with each provider.

3. After 6 months of consistent savings, we bill for 50% of what you save every month. It’s a win-win.

We help you lower your costs and keep them low. Once you’re satisfied that you are paying the right price for your service, we share a percentage of what you’ve saved.


  • Telecommunications services (business phones, mobility plans, voice & data)
  • Internet services
  • Network infrastructure (servers, equipment, and cloud hosting & maintenance)
  • Security services (firewalls, security software, and managed security services)


  • Initial Audit – What inventory & services do you have? And what do you spend on each?
  • Contract Optimization – We will make recommendations based on your inventory, usage, and contract rates.
  • Credits – If you’ve been overspending, our team will help recoup credits to be applied to future billing.
  • On-Going Support – We’ll continue to manage your telecom spend over the course of the plan by monitoring your monthly billing.

BONUS: By participating in our shared savings plan, you become part of our referral rewards program. Refer us to a friend or colleague and receive one full month’s savings free of charge.

Are you ready to save on your technology and telecommunications services?