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Our cabling systems are installed to meet and often exceed all industry recognized performance standards

Cable Testing Certification

Testing and Certification are the most important steps in any cable installation. Today’s fast ethernet transmission speeds “push the envelope” of any cabling system which means it is critical that all components be thoroughly tested. Plugging the network equipment together and verifying that it “works” is not enough. Certification is especially important to prevent expensive upgrades to your cabling system when upgrading to faster networking technologies in the future.

Network testing and certification of all new installations and existing networks are offered for your entire infrastructure. Our cabling testing services are included with each installation we perform. No matter what industry your telecommunications are engineered for, we can come in and certify the entire cabling infrastructure is engineered right the first time, meeting and often exceeding industry standards.

Our cabling systems are installed to meet and often exceed all industry recognized performance standards. These standards insure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements of today’s fast Ethernet as well as tomorrow’s faster technologies.

All components of the cabling system that we install including the cable, modular connectors and patch panels are rated for Category 5 and Category 6 performance. Installation of these components is performed in accordance with the recognized standard TIA 568-A.

What we look for in every cable certification

  • Functionality

  • Performance

  • Scalability

  • Robustness

Cable Certification Reports

Cabling certification requires special test equipment called scanners. Every cable and connector that we install is scanned and a printed report is provided verifying compliance to the TIA standards.

Accept nothing less in your network cabling installations.

Upon completion of our testing services, you will be provided official documentation in whichever format you choose. Hard copy or Soft Copy. We are also happy to offer any recommendations for improvement or future considerations for the entire lifecycle of your cabling infrastructure.